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Interview With Forbes on the explosive Growth of the Zig Zag Brand

Joan Oleck writes an article about the 150 year old iconic Zig Zag Brand and the unique things being done by a team of entrepreneurs to revamp the Zig Zag brand.


Interview With Bruce Eckfeldt on his Cannabis Podcast Thinking Outside the Bud.

In Bruce Eckfeldt's podcast "Thinking Outside the Bud" Bruce interviews various entrepreneurs and industry leaders in the cannabis space.  This interview canvases a host of topics including but not limited to entrepreneurship and the state of the cannabis industry nationwide.   


5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Began Leading My Company

An article by Jerome Knyszewski CEO of Heavy Shift of Thrive Global. Jerome Knyszewski (Kenchefski) serves as an advisor to CEOs of Fortune 500 companies as well as entrepreneurs who disrupt their industries.


David Meltzer Interview Officer Hours

Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing | Consultant & Business Coach | Keynote Speaker | 3x Best-Selling Author David Meltzer Interviews Nu-X team on his new "Office Hours" Podcast.

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INC. Magazine - These 4 Guys Just Made $3.7 Million

An article by Will Yakowicz about Solace Technologies explosive growth in the early days of the company's history and timeline.  Yakowicz creates a comprehensive article that covers Solace's inception and the beginning of it's meteoric ris.


Nu-X Ventures to deliver free hand sanitizer to Los Angeles citizens and hospitals

A release on CNN about our Non Profit initiative at the beginning of COVID-19 to deliver hundreds of thousands of hand sanitizer products to countless organizations nationwide.


How One CBD Company Pivoted To Hand Sanitizer To Help Those In Need

An article for Green Entreprenuer by Jonathan Small. Nu-X realized they had the ingredients and capability to create 200,000 bottles of sanitizer for donation. So they went for it.


L.A. Startup Pays Employees To Go On Vacation

A release about when Solace Technologies began incentivizing employees to take vacations with annual cash payments.


Interview With HQ Magazine

HQ Magazine interviews Lorenzo De Plano about the future state of the cannabis industry and the role that Zig Zag and Turning Point Brands (NYSE: TPB) will play in its future.

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